Water Bath
  Deep Freeze -86 C
  Freeze Dryer
  Fume Hood


Igloo -86C




More samples, less footprint


Laboratory space is valuable. In comparison with the
traditional freezers, Telstar uses ultra thin vacuum insulation
panels. With only 80 mm of insulation, it creates a much
better insulation value than 125 mm of regular PU foam.

A temperature of -86oC is guaranteed for an ambient up to
+35ºC. Additionally the thin insulation increases the storage
capacity up to 30%.


Features of monitoring & alarm system

•Bright, easy to read, digital display
•Readout option in 1 and 0,1ºC increments(accuracy)
•Password protected menu’s
•Different levels of authorization, user, parameters and engineering menu
•Adjustable temperature set points;
•Audible and visual high/low temperature alarm
•Power outage alarm with battery back up
•Voltage indication and stabilization
•Ambient temperature indication and alarm
•Clean condenser filter alarm;
•Door alarm (also for CO2 or LN2 backup System)
•Remote alarm (NO/NC/COM)
•RS485 port for optional data transfer to computer
•Service friendly plug & play detachable cable housing
•Selection for running optimum mode or economy mode




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